A “Triple Fit” Approach to Sales Talent

“Sales organizations are struggling with who to hire, how to find them and how to develop and support them.”

This quote appeared in the CSO Insights 2018 Sales Talent Study released this fall. In fact, the study reports that only 16% of sales leaders say they are confident that they have the talent they need to succeed in the future.

So, what should you do if you are a sales leader in the other 84%?  First and foremost, recognize that assembling the right sales team can be a complicated equation. Our guess is that you have multiple roles within your sales organization. Each of these roles may require different profiles, competencies, and skill sets to truly drive success for individuals and teams…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

Oprah Winfrey Says 1 Decision Separates People Who Achieve Success From Those Who Only Dream

Success often springs from new: new opportunities, new ideas, new perspectives, new connections, new ventures ...

Achieving what you want to achieve often requires embarking on a new journey, bridging the gap from here, where you are today, to there, where you want to someday be. 

But sometimes success can come not from adding something new but from eliminating something old…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

Great Salespeople Never Pitch for More Than 9 Minutes — Here’s Why

Everything that follows is true.

As far as I know.

There was once a regional sales manager—a rising star in her company.

Everyone knew she was destined to be crowned VP Sales.

One of her quirks was that she documented everything.

She wanted to nail down a deal-closing formula that everybody could follow.

One day, she started her most eyebrow-raising study yet.

Using a hand-held stopwatch, she timed how long her seven reps spent on PowerPoint decks during their sales calls.

She logged it all in a spreadsheet, along with each deal’s outcome.

At the end of the experiment, the data revealed something so clear, she almost didn’t believe it…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

Though Most Emails Say Otherwise, Not All Salespeople Are Slimy

I was so horrible. Needing money while at university I took on another part-time job. Phone sales. After 30 days no one purchased. Not one single sale. No money made.

Obviously, it didn't work out. So I got a new job, doing the exact same thing! Smart, I know.

A dreamer needs to dream…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

How to Have Your Fellow Woman’s Back in the Cutthroat Sales World

There’s an unwritten rule that women need to support other women at work. Countless articles are detailing how we are supposed to be each other’s champion, encourager, and referrer. Some have even gone so far as to say that achieving equal rights starts with treating one another as equals. The ideas of how to receive equal pay, equal treatment, and equal status to our male counterparts have been on the minds of millions of women for decades and remain hot topics even today.

There is no doubt that when women support each other, magnificent things happen.  Women who uplift, support, and celebrate other women instead of trying to bring them down create a healthier workplace for men and women alike…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

How to Write a Follow-Up Email That Actually Works

In sales, it’s almost never an immediate “yes.” In fact, “92% of salespeople give up after four ‘no’s’, but 80% of prospects say ‘no’ four times before they say ‘yes’.” That’s why failing to follow up on the sales emails you send can have a disastrous impact on your sales performance.

Unfortunately, effective follow-up these days isn’t as simple as shooting off a “Just checking in” message (although this phrase has been recently proven to be more effective than we originally thought). Follow-up emails deserve as much attention as your initial outreach, so up your game by avoiding the following mistakes and testing the templates described below…CONTINUE READING HERE!!

11 Must-Watch TED Talks That Will Make You Insanely Productive

Spend a little time watching these talks now and you'll save a lot of time in the long run.

You know the old saying, "It takes money to make money." Well, the same can be said of time.

Sure, you'll spend somewhere between five and 20 minutes not working while you watch the TED talks below, but each one contains some insight about how to do more, work harder, or be more efficient that will pay you back many times over the minutes you invested watching it.

Sometimes, in other words, you have to stop being productive for a moment to become much more productive in the long run. These talks are all one such time…WATCH TALKS HERE!

How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Source New Ideas From Their Team

It takes an emotionally intelligent leader to forge a work environment where diversity of thought is promoted. These kinds of leaders implicitly understand that their title does not mean that they have all of the answers, all of the time. Rather, they recognize that having a team around them that feels comfortable challenging them will enable better thinking and vastly improve business outcomes…CONTINUE READING HERE!

The Dichotomy of Time-Management and Goal-Execution

By the end of reading this article, you will be equipped with 3 different "time management" techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your life immediately to help you get what you want.

This is not another article on "The top 10 strategies for time management" nor is this an article on "how to stay focused", rather this article will take on 3 different time management methodologies and depict how these three methodologies, although typically used separately, can be welded together to form one of the most powerful philosophies on the topic of "time management" that will be immediately applicable to your life…CONTINUE READING HERE!

16 Sales Incentives to Keep Your Team Engaged and Motivated

Keeping sales reps motivated is a year-round process. As a sales leader, you should always be thinking of new ways to motivate your sales team, focus on closing deals, and keep reps’ eyes on the prize…literally and figuratively.

Whether you’re encouraging reps to close out the quarter or year strong, or kicking off the start of a new fiscal year, keeping reps engaged is key to achieving goals and hitting revenue numbers…CONTINUE READING HERE!

Want a Sales Pipeline That’s ALWAYS Packing Piping Hot Deals? Follow These 6 Steps!

Let’s take a minute to ensure the most important factors that affect the bottom line have a spotlight on them. Specifically, we’re focusing on the sales development process and how to build a sales pipeline—all from a high level.

We’re charging forward with 6 simple steps to ensure that the focus is not lost along the path to accurate sales forecasting and predictive revenue...READ MORE

The New Science of Salesforce Productivity

Today, the savviest sales leaders are dramatically changing the way they run their groups. They are reinventing their sales approaches to respond to new market environments. They are expanding their lists of target customers beyond what anyone had previously considered. They are boosting their sales reps’ productivity not by hiring the most-gifted individuals but by helping existing reps sell more...READ MORE