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How to Increase Conversion Rates by 580% with a Sales Conversation Roadmap

So why do so many reps try and “wing it” in the first conversation or worse yet, take an inquisition-style “20 questions” approach that today’s executives don’t appreciate?


Modern Sales Coaching in 2018:

Goodbye Fluff, Hello Processes

Hear real-world examples of how analytic tasks like pipeline management, forecasting, and performance assessment have been integrated into powerful training programs. Leave this session with new ideas to resuscitate and invigorate sales coaching in your organization.


How to 10x Your Sales Productivity by Mapping Your Account Contacts

In this webinar, Lucidchart’s SVP of Sales, Dan Cook, will show you how to successfully map your accounts and key contacts and how to use that map to strategize more effectively. With a clear view of your accounts, you’ll be prepared to accelerate the sales cycle and close bigger deals.


How to Align Demand Gen and Inside Sales (to Close More Deals)

What’s the best way to align your demand gen and inside sales strategies to create a successful path to revenue? What are the buying signals that indicate the highest lead to opportunity conversions? What performance metrics really matter for each stage of the funnel?

How to Win More Deals with Sales Engagement Data

Organizations across industries struggle with low CRM adoption rates. In fact, Salesforce reports that CRM adoption can be as low as 26%. The ramifications of low CRM adoption often snowball into double-digit revenue loss per year, among other things. Conversely, high CRM adoption rates can increase sales by up to 300%—a no-brainer for implementing best practices for capturing more sales data in 2018.